Serenity Series

The Club Serenity series is published by Totally Bound.  The first novel “Free Me, Master!” is available!

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General Release: 6th June (including paperback)
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In the first story, Rebecca takes you to Club Serenity, an exclusive BDSM club. Master Kyle is the owner of the mansion that harbors the club, which is run by both him and a number of club masters.
Throughout the series you will be introduced to these masters, and new submissives will enter the scene as well. They all have their own needs and desires, which makes their stories completely different from the other ones.
There are so many different aspects to BDSM and the Serenity masters and subs will take you on an exciting journey so you get a taste of them. And quite a delicious taste at that as all the men and women are downright gorgeous and sexy, and are more than willing to share their most intimate thoughts and feelings and juicy encounters with you.

Each book focuses on one couple, although the others you have gotten to know have recurring roles. This allows for fun things, like submissives having get-togethers to support each other, talk and laugh, and do fun things that will make you giggle for sure!

The way the couples-to-be meet is surprisingly unusual, and mostly doesn’t take place in Club Serenity. You will get a good feel of the club, but the masters and subs take you to many other places too. Some will take you to their homes, favorite pub, the woods, and even a shooting range.

And the things that go down in the club… oh la la! Sometimes Doms and subs have the most outrageous – but always sexy- ideas!

Does Club Serenity only have Doms and Masters? No. Book two mentions a Mistress. Maybe one day a sweet submissive will be able to persuade her to tell you her story!