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Free Me, Master! is the first in the Club Serenity series, published by Totally Bound.

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Free Me, Master!
Club Serenity 1

Rebecca is submissive by heart, and deep down craves to find a Dom she can submit to. But after her ex -and Dom- hurt both the woman and sub inside of her, she’s not so sure that she’s willing to ever go there again. She not even sure whether she still needs or wants BDSM in her life. Until she meets Kyle. Master Kyle at that, owner of a private and posh bondage club. He stirs something deep inside of her, and when he offers her a job at his club, she simply has to accept. A golden opportunity to finally discover more about her submissive side. And maybe, just maybe, this tall blond -and very dominant- god can fulfill her every need. And make her submit.

Master Kyle finds Rebecca more than intriguing. Warm. Luscious. Intelligent. Submissive to the core. When he hears about her conflicting doubts and interest in BDSM he decides to help her find the right Dom or Master. But what he really wants is for him to be that Master. Will he be the right one for her or does he need to find her another Master? He’s not quite sure, but he’s determined to find out.
Both will soon learn that things don’t always go as expected. Rebecca will learn to submit, wholeheartedly. Question is, to whom?