About Dani

s-meBorn and raised in the Netherlands, Dani Rose moved abroad as an adolescent for a few years where she fell in love with the English language. She spent some time in Australia and picked up a lot of new words, and a nice Australian accent. The love for English remained, the Australian accent didn’t.

Dani’s always had a love for writing. Her first work was published when she was barely 6 years old. Okay, it was published in the kiddie section of a newspaper, but that’s not the point! At the time she couldn’t even write herself so she dictated the short story to her mother who then sent it in. Little Dani was ecstatic when it got printed! A writer to-be was born.

As a teen she wrote romantic love stories for her best friend, and got known by all her class mates as a wannabe author of short love novels.

More projects got started, some never got finished. Then, around 2006 Dani got intrigued by the realms of BDSM. Now there was a subject she could -and wanted to- write about!
Unfortunately life got in the way and it wasn’t until Dani found her mojo in 2015 and could be seen writing for days, weeks, months on end, working on several stories at the same time.

Finally in 2016 her first book was finished! The first of a series that loosely evolves around an exclusive BDSM club called “Club Serenity”.

To date Dani live sin the Netherlands with her four-legged furry creatures that occasionally meow to let her know they need food, and she has to take a break from writing.

Being a ‘multi-creative’ woman, Dani not only writes, but paints as well. When not writing, she can often be seen wielding all kinds of brushes and paint as she’s working on a new range of paintings. A range with a mild BDSM feel.
Keep an eye on the website, you may soon find her latest paintings on here too!