Oh, The Feel of Paper!

I am so happy I could jump for joy! I feel much like screaming “Oh yeah, baby!” but that might give people the wrong idea. I wouldn’t want that. Nevertheless, I did just that in the privacy of my own living room.
Why am I this happy? Well, I am generally happy, but this time I’m extra happy, because I learned that the first couple of reviews on my book “Free Me, Master!” have come in. And yes, that was reason for me to be ecstatic as I’ve been waiting for reviews to start coming in since the beginning of May.
Plus, the reviews were positive. Four out of five stars on Amazon, I consider that to be a great start.

The Feel of Paper
More good news, -drumroll please- “Free Me, Master!” is available as pocket!
You can grab your copy on Amazon, B & N, Bol (the Dutch version of Amazon), I’ve even seen it on a Spanish site. (The links below will get you there)
I’ve been waiting for the pocket version for days, weeks, months, because I want my own book in my bookcase. I want to see it, hold it, feel it, touch it, smell it. And even though I already know the twists, I may still read it. I’ll just pretend I don’t know any of it while I revel in the feeling of reading my own book.
I’ve been asked to sign books by friends who have bought the pocket version, and of course I will do that. Getting requests to sign a book, my book, is amazing.

As for the reviews…
It was good to read how reviewers feel about “Free Me, Master!”.
I was thrilled to read this in a review: “This is a sweet, easy reading and in places super hot BDSM read. It is not in any way extreme, dealing far more with head/heart issues than sadism.”
I was pleased with that as I want my stories to have more to tell than just kinky scenes and sex. No matter how much fun it is, I don’t just want to write about sex and BDSM scenes. For me it’s about what moves the characters, their psyche and emotions. There’s still so much misunderstanding of what BDSM is all about. I do not wish to add to that, I want to shed a far more positive light on the subject. So I write about normal people with normal needs and desires who happen to be into kink and BDSM. And yes, the BDSM scenes are hot, I don’t shy away from anything really. After all, you gotta try everything once in life, even as an author. But I don’t aim for my books to be ‘just’ sexy BDSM books. I like my books to have substance. And on top of that, there’s the sizzling hot sex, a bit of humour and wit, and of course… love. Where would we be without love?
Don’t judge me! I’m a woman, I don’t like sad stories or bad endings.

One of the reviewers mentioned that she hopes Master Kyle will get his own book as she liked how his role developed. And another felt he was left out in the cold a bit.
I can tell you that won’t last too long! A great guy like Kyle deserves his own story, and with that a woman who complements him.

For now there’s Rebecca’s story to enjoy. I have a promotional coming up in which I share a little more on what Rebecca does for her Master. Something I have not yet revealed anywhere else. Something that is erotic and that you too can do for your partner. In case you’re not into kink: It’s not directly related to BDSM, but extremely sexy. And it does take a fair amount of guts. That’s why I have Rebecca do it. A helluva lot easier -grin. One of the luxuries of being an author.
As soon as the promotional is out, I’ll let you know so you can find out for yourself what it’s about and if it’s for you.

Here’s a number of links where you can grab a copy of “Free Me, Master!”
Barnes & Noble
Libreria Nacional

Have a great day!



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