A Dream Come True!

freememaster_preorderI’m thrilled to see my book on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble! That was my dream when I started writing “Free me, Master!” and now it’s come true!
I’m so happy!
At first it didn’t even sink in, it took a few hours. Then it did sink in and damn, did it feel good!
I still can’t really believe my book is on Amazon and B&N.
I did it! I really did it!

You can pre-order my book there and get it June 6th. If you want it faster, you can pre-order at Totally Bound’s webshop -my publisher- and get it delivered May 9th.

For print you got to wait until June 6th…
I wanted to share the Amazon news -and link- anyways! This is truly a EUREKA moment for me!
And apart from all that, Free Me, Master! is available to pre-order!
If you want it fast and get it delivered on May 9th – PRE-ORDER already POSSIBLE! Go here –> Pre-order “Free Me, Master!” delivered on May 9th

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