Butterflies in my Stomach

butterfliesI’m so excited!
Life is good, spring is really in the air,  a great Easter without Easter eggs. Not to worry, I had plenty of other nice things to eat.
And now I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, because… “Free Me, Master!” will be up for pre-order in just one more week!
I already had my own author page on the Totally Bound’s site, that is my publisher, and now “Free Me, Master!” is on there too. The whole shebang, the cover photo, summary and so on. I love it!
I’ve been writing for so many years, who would’ve thought this day would come? Well, okay. I did. Really, I did. It’s just that I never sent anything to a publisher before. Then nothing much is going to happen, right.

Meet Rebecca, my heroine. I love her, hope you do too!

Free Me, Master!
Rebecca is quite busy with work when Kyle spots her. He’s seen her before, and is intrigued. How could he not be? She totally gorgeous with her long brown hair, hazel eyes, and she has all the curves in the right places. He cannot help himself, he wants to talk to her.
Completely absorbed in thought, Rebecca is caught off guard when this man sits down at her table. She’s mildly annoyed by the distraction, and a little intimidated as well. He’s tall, attractive, eloquent, and as it turns out owner of a chic BDSM venue. That sure as heck piques the interest of her submissive side. A side that has been dormant for some years. Kyle makes her an offer she simply cannot refuse. 
Little does she know that that decision will alter her life in ways she’d never have dreamed of. 

Follow Rebecca as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime in Free Me, Master! And yes, it will be a roller-coaster ride. After all, chaos precedes great changes. But I promise it will be good and worth your while to get on that roller-coaster with her. It’s the only way to get to know Rebecca’s Master, and all the wonderful things he makes her experience. It’ll be hot, loving, sexy, and deep at times. Did I say hot? Yes, I did. Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t missed that one.
I wish you a joyful ride!

Pre-order date is coming up fast -yes, I’m jumping up and down for joy- : April 25th
You can pre-order -or add to wishlist- here: Pre-order here or Add to Wishlist

One last thing… Would you please make me a happy girl, and check out my page on Totally Bound’s site? Dani Rose, Totally Bound
If you’d let me know what you think of it on here, I’d absolutely love it!
Of course you can leave feedback on Facebook too. Dani Rose Facebook   



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