Spring time, yes baby!

Don’t you love it! Sun, flowers, chirping birds. Did I mention sun? Dang, did I need that! After too many months of mostly dull and grey weather I  craved some light.
Had that glorious first moment of sipping tea in the garden, wonderful! My orange tulips are prettily shining and blooming in the front yard. I love it!
I can enjoy a bit of a break after I’d finished the 2nd round of editing. I never knew it took so much work to get a book out. You don’t think about that when you read a book, do you!
Apart from all that, I also got the cover in, and I can share it with you. I love it to bits!

freememaster_800I was lucky enough to get to choose the picture myself, and I found one with a woman that made me think of Rebecca, my heroine. Of course I didn’t make the cover myself, so it was still a pleasant surprise to see it when it was done 🙂
And funny to notice that the original image I had in mind of Rebecca has now been replaced by the image of this woman. I don’t mind at all. I’m totally happy with it.
Please tell me you like it too!

As for the hero of “Free Me, Master!” hero… you’ll have to read it! And let the image of him form in your fantasy. The book will lead you, gives enough detail so you can almost feel him, see, taste, and touch him. I promise you, he’s totally gorgeous. He puts the M in masculine.

And of course Rebecca is equally hot and sexy!


And really exciting: I also got the release dates. Yay! Things are really moving quite fast now.
“Free Me, Master!” will be available on:
– pre-order: 25th April
– Early download: 9th May
– General release: 6th June – including print on demand!

Right now it’s time to enjoy a bit of that sun I mentioned earlier 🙂




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