Holiday Season

The holiday season is a bit weird for me this year. Getting in a Christmas mood, at the same time I’m really busy with the finishing touches of my upcoming book “Free Me, Master!”
Very exciting, I can’t wait for it to be out there! To see, feel, smell and touch my own book for the very first time.
But it’s not that far yet, I’m taking exciting step by exciting step at the time, enjoying the process, doing my best to remain patient.
Normally I want to get to the end result right away, and part of me wants that now as well, but I try to see it as eating a delicious ice cone, enjoying each lick, savouring the flavour.

I should enjoy this time, the holiday season, a time of relative peace and quiet, because soon enough I will have to get on with the second book of the series. I know the Master and sub are growing increasingly impatient. They’re craving to be together. As it is, they’re having a bit of a problem to overcome, and they want to get it over with.
But with my focus currently being on Free Me, Master!, I’m having a bit of a problem myself to shift to the second book.
The trials and tribulations of a writer! I’ll get there. But first there’s Christmas 🙂
Pressies, lights & candles and fun, great dinners with family and loved ones.

Have a wonderful Christmas!



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