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Dani Rose is the new ‘gal on the block’ author of romantic BDSM novels.
Admittedly “Romantic BDSM” may sound a bit weird, but honestly, it does exist! All it takes is the right mix of attraction, love, gorgeous dominant men and sexy women, steaming hot sex scenes, the sounds of whips and chains, cries of pleasure and pain.
Add love to the mix and you get “Romantic BDSM”.
Just read the books and find out for yourself!

“BDSM is such a wonderful subject to write about! It allows me to dig into people’s emotions, psyche, past hurts and pains, love and relationships. Of course I don’t mind writing sexy, steaming hot erotic and BDSM scenes either!

I love coming up with different story lines, new characters, and have them develop and grow as I write. They always seem to come to life, almost as if I really know them as living and breathing people. A truly wonderful process! Some are obnoxious as hell too and flatly refuse to do what I had wanted them to do.
What can I say, they really develop their own characters and it does happen that I have to change the story a bit, because he or she simply doesn’t want to cooperate with my original plan.
Masters and their subs clearly have a mind of their own, even fictional ones!

All my books have happy endings. I myself don’t like to read a book and be left with a sad feeling. It’s much nicer to close a book with stars in your eyes, thinking “Oh my god, I want that too!”

Apart from writing sizzling hot scenes, I love coming up with beginnings of new stories. The way two people meet always intrigues me. That part where sparks fly, the first kiss, the mind-boggling sensations when people explore each other’s body and mind.
That’s how I ended up writing 6 stories at the same time. New ideas kept bubbling up in my mind. I realized I needed to focus on finishing one or I’d end up with maybe 20 unfinished stories.
And I did it, I focused and finished the first book. And I promise I’ll do it again. And again. And again.

I wish you lots of fun with my book, and the ones to follow!”


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Very happy and proud to announce the second book in the Club Serenity series, BOUNDLESS HOPE!

It is always exciting to present a new creation as there’s always part of your own soul and self in what you’re sharing, whether that’s a painting or a book or any other creative endeavour in or for public.
But… here it is: Boundless Hope.
Pre-order available on Amazon, B&N, Totally Bound. General release is on August 4.

Sellie, an artist, is rented in to paint an outdoors mural at a mansion that also harbours a BDSM club. Vanilla as can be, she rather not think about what goes on in there. Until she’s caught off-guard by the owner of the mansion. Tall, blond, powerful, and hot as hell. Sellie’s insides melt on the spot. His dominance is overwhelming, infuriating, and oh-so arousing. She’s free-spirited and quirky, and not looking for a Master. But the feelings he stirs up in her are strong and she simply cannot walk away.

Even though Kyle is an experienced master, and owner of BDSM club Serenity, he doesn’t have a partner. His last relationship with a vanilla woman didn’t work out and he isn’t really looking for a submissive. But then he finds a gorgeous redhead in his gardens, reminding him of a Siren. A fiery bewitching temptress. The minute he lays his eyes on her, he wants her. In his cuffs, under his command, in his dungeon. Unfortunately the girl doesn’t know the first thing about BDSM and Kyle knows he cannot be in another vanilla relationship. He can’t let go of her either, and he’s exalted when Sellie is willing to dip her toes in the deep waters of BDSM.

Their feelings get deeper and all is going well, until the vicious snake called ‘sub-jealousy’ hits her. Both will have to give and take to try and overcome the problem and restore trust.

Is their bond strong enough?

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Free Me, Master! is the first in the Club Serenity series, published by Totally Bound.

You can grab your copy as Nook book, Kindle, or paperback!
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No one is left out in the cold at Club Serenity, and again a Master & sub share their uber-hot story with you. I’m so excited about it, and would love to tell you a wee bit more, which is why I’ve added “Coming Soon!” in the menu. You can read there what you can expect!

Free Me, Master!
Club Serenity 1

Rebecca is submissive by heart, and deep down craves to find a Dom she can submit to. But after her ex -and Dom- hurt both the woman and sub inside of her, she’s not so sure that she’s willing to ever go there again. She not even sure whether she still needs or wants BDSM in her life. Until she meets Kyle. Master Kyle at that, owner of a private and posh bondage club. He stirs something deep inside of her, and when he offers her a job at his club, she simply has to accept. A golden opportunity to finally discover more about her submissive side. And maybe, just maybe, this tall blond -and very dominant- god can fulfill her every need. And make her submit.

Master Kyle finds Rebecca more than intriguing. Warm. Luscious. Intelligent. Submissive to the core. When he hears about her conflicting doubts and interest in BDSM he decides to help her find the right Dom or Master. But what he really wants is for him to be that Master. Will he be the right one for her or does he need to find her another Master? He’s not quite sure, but he’s determined to find out.
Both will soon learn that things don’t always go as expected. Rebecca will learn to submit, wholeheartedly. Question is, to whom?

About Dani

s-meBorn and raised in the Netherlands, Dani Rose moved abroad as an adolescent for a few years where she fell in love with the English language. She spent some time in Australia and picked up a lot of new words, and a nice Australian accent. The love for English remained, the Australian accent didn’t.

Dani’s always had a love for writing. Her first work was published when she was barely 6 years old. Okay, it was published in the kiddie section of a newspaper, but that’s not the point! At the time she couldn’t even write herself so she dictated the short story to her mother who then sent it in. Little Dani was ecstatic when it got printed! A writer to-be was born.

As a teen she wrote romantic love stories for her best friend, and got known by all her class mates as a wannabe author of short love novels.

More projects got started, some never got finished. Then, around 2006 Dani got intrigued by the realms of BDSM. Now there was a subject she could -and wanted to- write about!
Unfortunately life got in the way and it wasn’t until Dani found her mojo in 2015 and could be seen writing for days, weeks, months on end, working on several stories at the same time.

Finally in 2016 her first book was finished! The first of a series that loosely evolves around an exclusive BDSM club called “Club Serenity”.

To date Dani live sin the Netherlands with her four-legged furry creatures that occasionally meow to let her know they need food, and she has to take a break from writing.

Being a ‘multi-creative’ woman, Dani not only writes, but paints as well. When not writing, she can often be seen wielding all kinds of brushes and paint as she’s working on a new range of paintings. A range with a mild BDSM feel.

Feel free to follow me and my progress on Facebook or Instagram  or my blog on here.


Serenity Series

The Club Serenity series is published by Totally Bound. The first novel “Free Me, Master!” is available!
You can grab your copy as Nook book, Kindle, or paperback!
AmazonBarnes & NobleTotally Bound (publisher’s shop)

The second book “Boundless Hope” is coming soon!

In the first story, Rebecca takes you to Club Serenity, an exclusive BDSM club. Master Kyle is the owner of the mansion that harbors the club, which is run by both him and a number of club masters.
Throughout the series you will be introduced to these masters, and new submissives will enter the scene as well. They all have their own needs and desires, which makes their stories completely different from the other ones.
There are so many different aspects to BDSM and the Serenity masters and subs will take you on an exciting journey so you get a taste of them. And quite a delicious taste at that as all the men and women are downright gorgeous and sexy, and are more than willing to share their most intimate thoughts and feelings and juicy encounters with you.

Each book focuses on one couple, although the others you have gotten to know have recurring roles. This allows for fun things, like submissives having get-togethers to support each other, talk and laugh, and do fun things that will make you giggle for sure!

The way the couples-to-be meet is surprisingly unusual, and mostly doesn’t take place in Club Serenity. You will get a good feel of the club, but the masters and subs take you to many other places too. Some will take you to their homes, favorite pub, the woods, and even a shooting range.

And the things that go down in the club… oh la la! Sometimes Doms and subs have the most outrageous – but always sexy- ideas!

Does Club Serenity only have Doms and Masters? No. Book two mentions a Mistress. Maybe one day a sweet submissive will be able to persuade her to tell you her story!


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